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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your most popular detailing package?

The Deluxe Package and upgrades to the Deluxe Package are our most popular Gerber Detailing options We also do a reasonable number of Premium Packages for luxury cars and trucks.

What is your most popular detailing package?

The Deluxe Package and upgrades to the Deluxe Package are our most popular Gerber Detailing options. We also do a reasonable number of Premium Packages for luxury cars and trucks.

How long does it typically take to do a Deluxe Package?

It typically takes 3-4 hours for one person to complete the Deluxe Package. The work breaks down into 4 steps: prep and wash; deep cleaning interior and exterior surfaces; cleaning all glass and wheels; waxing, polishing, and overall quality check review.

Can I schedule my detailing appointment on your website?

The website is set up to provide you information on different detailing packages and promotions, to get any questions answered, and to book your next appointment with a solid estimate of the job cost. We are always available to take your call if you prefer personal assistance.

What kind of clean cloths do you use for different parts of the car or truck?

We use the best quality microfiber towels color coded for the paint, interior, glass, and wheels.

Is it extra if my vehicle has a lot of mud on it or dog hair on the seats?

Yes, it is extra cost if your vehicle is excessively muddy, oily, and has dog hair.  These cleaning tasks require extra care and time, and will typically add $20-$50 to your bill.  This will be discussed with the customer before the work begins.

Do I get an invoice with each detailing job?

You will be advised of the itemized invoice amount before the detailing job starts, and you will receive an itemized invoice via email for each detailing job completed. This will allow you to pay the invoice by credit card or other transfer mechanisms like Zelle, and you will have a record for business expense purposes and an easy way to keep track of your Gerber Detailing points, which will be included on the invoice.

Do you offer a discount for first time customers, referrals, or repeat customers?
First time customers for the Deluxe and Premium Packages will receive a 10% discount on their invoice. The same 10% discount will apply to referrals for Deluxe and Premium Packages that are booked and completed. The 10% discount will apply to the referring party’s next Deluxe or Premium detailing job, following completion and payment for the referral job. Gerber Detailing is also starting a “points program” with a Deluxe Package equaling 2 points and a Premium Package equaling 3 points. Once a customer has earned 8 points, the next detailing will be discounted 50%.
How do you handle cleaning a pickup truck if bed is open?
Cleaning open truck beds will take extra time and add to your job cost. We can rinse them or wash them with soap once we have agreement on the extra time and cost required.
Do you have a way to remove scratches on the paint?

We can remove and puff out scratches if they aren’t too deep? The rule of thumb is if you rub scratch with your finger nail, and it catches, then that is not something we can fix. We will be happy to wax and buff the scratch area and then may make it less noticeable, but will not remove it.

Do you do color matching or blending?
Collision repair and body shops typically do color matching and blending. We can deep clean, wax and polish which may make a mismatch in color or shine less obvious, but that is not true color matching or blending.
Are all your chemicals made in the US?
All of our detergents, cleaners, sprays, waxes, and other cleaning products are made in the United States of America by long time, reputable manufacturers. We do not make any of our own products.
Do you have a cancellation charge if I make an appointment and cancel or am not around when you show up for detailing appointment?
Yes we do. This does not happen often, but when it does, it is very disruptive for our business schedule. Effective 3/15/22 we will charge a $100 cancellation fee unless cancellation occurred 48 hours ahead of appointment time. If you make a makeup appointment, $50 of the $100 cancellation fee will be credited to your detailing invoice if it is a Deluxe or Premium Package.

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